About Us

     As implied by the name ‘Tepe Camping’, which translates to ‘Hill Camping’, is a facility located on a hill-top of approximately 700 meters high in altitude and is located 5 kilometers away from Pamukkale, the natural site that pulls in tourists from all over the world for its hot springs, travertine and carbonate minerals appreciated for all the provided health benefits.  Tepe Camping is the ideal resting and recreational area covering 13.500 m² and the facility has the perfect look-out porch for a bird’s eye view of the beauty that surrounds it as well as a pool area to enjoy a calm leisurely swim. 
The Children's playing garden is in your service since 09.06.2013. Wi-Fi is available.
         ‘Tepe Camping’ has a large grass area to park caravans and put up tents for the perfect out-door get-away.  We also offer showers and bathrooms to those wanting to use the caravans and tents on our camping grounds.  If staying in a tent isn’t your preferred choice, we offer room accommodations during your stay with ‘Tepe Camping’ with independent separate showers and a 24 hours hot water service.  Tepe Camping’s on-site restaurant offers breakfast service and grills for use by campers.  We are open year-round and looking forward to sharing the beauty and tranquility that surrounds ‘Tepe Camping’ with our visitors.
All rooms have A/C.